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Now Available: What I’ve Learned About Dating

This isn’t your typical dating book. Everything about it is unconventional. It’s full of real time advice derived from evaluated experience. It is both poignantly personal and corporately inviting. Think about your most recent dating experiences. Ponder the last date you’ve been on, the last person whom you were intrigued by. How did you feel? What were your thoughts? Now imagine that those thoughts and feelings were written down for you to read, mull over and get clarity from. That’s exactly what this book is. A collection of real thoughts and authentic emotions. It’s a live report of what it is like to date in today’s cultural environment

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About Kevin Carr

Kevin is the author of several books, a dynamic speaker and a magnetic personality and TV host. As a writer/author his content offers a practical road-map on how to accurately navigate being single and create the relationships you desire. As a speaker he implores audiences to realize their very best in life and love. His relatable voice enables him to reach millennials in various settings. As a personality with several Television projects on the horizon he is able to seamlessly make the transition from the stage to the big screen.


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